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NEW EX-GF: Mya's Cast Fetish

We begin the video with Mya in an air cast. She crutches around the house, telling Monica how she hurt it, as Monica gives her sympathy. They crutch upstairs, so we get some great upskirts. Next scene is 2 months later; Mya and her friend Monica are hanging around the house (wearing tights) when Mya goes upstairs to get a magazine. On her way down, she falls halfway down the stairs. As Monica rushes to her aide, we see that her leg is seriously hurt. Monica proceeds to wrap her leg with bandages and a pillow, and helps her to the car. The next scene, Mya has returned from the hospital with the full cast on her leg. They crutch in, and around the house. Later, Mya wants to change clothes, so Monica helps her to the bedroom and into a T-Shirt. Then Monica puts Mya to bed. The next morning, Mya has to go to school to take a test, so we see her change clothes again, and crutch to the car. After she returns, she changes clothes once again, into a sports bra and long johns. Monica gives her a foot massage out by the pool. They head back in and Monica puts Xena to sleep.



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